Summer Sub-Contracting

What are you thinking about, now that summer's here? Maybe it's cleaning beach sand off the floors, or maybe it's all the food you'll be making for the barbecue? Or maybe, just maybe, it's about what you can buy to make other people do all that for you, so you can sit by the pool for eight weeks non-stop.

This month's Home.Woot Woot-Off is all about the stuff you need to give to people so they can do al the cooking and cleaning for you. See? We're on your side in this!

...unless those other people buy from us first, and force you to do all the work for them. Hey, what do you want? We're capitalists! So, basically, the first person to buy it all wins the right to goof off all summer. Okay, ready? Three, two, one- GO!

Back to the Woot-Off!


Woot Exclusive
  • Woot exclusive 5-piece pitcher set features the woot exclamation point proudly displayed front and center
  • Crafted of durable acrylic
  • Perfect for outdoor or indoor entertaining
  • Hand wash only

5-Piece Set includes:

  • (1) Pitcher with Lid
  • (4) Double Old Fashioned Glasses

Shipping Note: Eligible for shipping to all 50 states

Warranty:  90 Days Grainware


Pitcher Dimensions: L 9" x W 5" x H 13.5"
Individual Glass: Dia 3.5" x H 4.5"

In the Box:

(1) Grainware 70259 Icon "!" 5-Piece Beverage Set includes:

  • (1) Pitcher with Lid
  • (4) Double Old Fashioned Glasses


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Grainware Woot Icon "!" 5pc Beverage Set
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