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This Lasko 20" High Velocity Floor Fan is made in the USA from foreign and domestic parts. So it's the perfect gift for any important occasion!

Maurice had already gone home for the day. Jimmy was sitting alone at the front desk, reading a magazine. It was five minutes before closing at Ruttles, and the cash drawer was almost completely balanced. If no other customer came in, Jimmy would be out the door on time. And that was when he saw them. Just down the street. That crazy woman and her boyfriend.

"Of course I remembered, Lesley!" Brant was saying while leading her through the door. "How could I possibly forget a day like today?"

Lesley was near tears and biting her lip. "But you didn't... but you didn't even... how could I think that... why did I ever..."

"It's just back here, darling. I asked them to keep it for you." Brant turned to Jimmy and held out a hand. "Hi, remember me? I was here last night? Buying a anniversary of the first time I looked at her and she pretended not to notice me looking at her gift?" In the hand was a fifty dollar bill. Jimmy wasn't sure if he should be insulted or amazed.

Lesley made little fists and punched the air with sadness. For a moment, Jimmy found it impossible to move. The crying woman, the eerily smiling man with money between his fingers...everything was just so bizarre. It was only his promise to Maurice that brought Jimmy back. He had to complete the circuit. He had to write all this down... or it was all for nothing.

"Yes, sir," Jimmy said as he took the money. "Your gift is right back here."

Lesley stopped crying and looked at Brant in amazement. "You... for... then you did... BRANT!" And then she was air-punching again, but this time it didn't seem quite so sad.

Jimmy came back up with a Lasko 20" High Velocity Floor Fan. The couple before him went quiet.

"What. Is. THAT?" Brant hissed. Jimmy didn't flinch.

"It's a mountable high-velocity fan, sir. And crafted in the USA from foreign and domestic parts. See, I remembered you said this was a gift for the anniversary of the first time she looked at you while-"

"NO!" shouted Lesley. "It's the anniversary of the first time he looked at me and I pretended not to notice him looking at me! It's A TOTALLY DIFFERENT DAY! I'M NEVER SHOPPING HERE A-"

"Right right!" interrupted Jimmy. "I misspoke just now! Because the Lasko 20" High Velocity Floor Fan is the official gift for the first time someone looked at someone and one pretended not to notice the other looking at them anniversary! It's true! I looked it up! Your boyfriend there ordered this one special!"

Brant looked at Lesley. Lesley looked at the fan. Jimmy waited quietly. Whatever happened now, it was still gonna be good.

Lesley unclenched her fists and took the Lasko 20" High Velocity Floor Fan. She quietly kissed Brant, and walked to the door. Brant nodded in satisfaction.

"You did good, kid," he told Jimmy. Jimmy smiled.

"Will that be cash or charge, sir?"

"What?" snorted Brant. "I just paid you!"

After they had gone, Jimmy considered clocking out. But then he decided Maurice wouldn't mind if he updated the Lesley file on the clock. The store owed him that much, at least.

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  • The QuickMount™ feature allows this powerful, high-velocity fan to be easily hung on (or removed from) the wall for dual floor/wall usage or convenient storage
  • QuickMount™ bracket designed for 16" wall studs
  • Three powerful, high-velocity speeds
  • Front-mounted controls for easy access
  • Metal fan blades for maximum air movement
  • Fan head pivots 360° to direct the air where it's needed most
  • Durable, tubular-steel construction
  • Rust-resistant, powder-coated grilles
  • Rubber scuff pads to protect surfaces
  • Nine-foot cord with grounded plug
  • UL listed
  • Crafted in the USA from foreign and domestic parts

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Lasko


Speed Settings: 3
Fan Diameter: 20"
Pivot Angle: 360°
Construction: Tubular-Steel
Power Cord Length: 9'

In the Box:

  • (1) Lasko 2225QM 20" High Velocity Floor Fan with QuickMount® Bracket

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