The Tough Choices

When trying to decide how best to use these 24 Lock & Lock storage, um, things, it's best to ask yourself a simple question: what would Monte and Mortimer do?

It's not too hard to figure out that the Lock & Lock 24 piece Storage Set has tons of different uses. What is hard is figuring out which uses are correct, and which uses are incorrect. Of course, it's not our place to judge what you do with your Lock & Lock 24 piece Storage Set. All we can do is present to you the multiple options that are now before you, and let you decide: which do you prefer? The path of Monte? Or the path of Mortimer?

MONTE prefers to use the Lock & Lock containers to store his lunch, so it's fresh when he's ready to eat. This saves him money!

MORTIMER takes a Lock & Lock containers and drops it over a co-worker's candy bar and yells INVISIBLE FORCE FIELD, THE CANDY IS MINE then sprints to the bathroom to gobble it down in a stall. This also saves him money, in a way.

MONTE likes to cook a meal, then put half into a proper sized Lock & Lock container so he can microwave it at a later date. Sometimes, the food even tastes better on the second day!

MORTIMER prefers to take one of those finger skateboards and zip around one of the curved rims, often while screaming WHERE'S THE VIDEO TAPE, TONY HAWK, I STILL CAN'T FIND IT even after his cubicle neighbors ask him to stop.

MONTE knows every Lock & Lock container is dishwasher safe, and so he does his best to clean his dishes when he's done. It's so durable, he knows if he does it ten times a day, it would take 821 years before the form and rigidity began to break down!

MORTIMER wears the dirty Lock & Lock container as a hat because he thinks the smell of blue cheese in his hair really adds to his personal musk.

From this small list, you should already have a solid idea of what behavior best suits your personal philosophy in regards to the Lock & Lock 24 piece Storage Set. Choose wisely!

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  • BPA-Free Airtight Locking Containers
  • All pieces nest together except for the square containers
  • Lock & Lock makes its containers airtight by utilizing a 4-sided locking system, distributing pressure equally across all sides of the container
  • The airtight seal is further enhanced by utilizing hollow-center silicone to allow maximum strength and elasticity, ensuring the integrity of the airtight seal and the durability of the container
  • Lock & Lock containers are also safe to use in drastic changes of temperature from - 4°F to 210°F
  • Lock & Lock containers are safe to use in microwaves, freezers and top shelf dishwasher
  • These containers utilize superior raw materials making them both durable and heat-resistant attributing to its usefulness in a healthy lifestyle
  • They have also passed the strict hygiene and safety tests of the United States FDA and German SGS
  • The design of the containers allows for them to be stacked helping you save space in your refrigerator, freezer, cupboard and drawers
  • These Lock & Lock containers have passed the KEMTI’s Bending Test
    The KEMI bending test is administered by fixing the container and the cover to a bending test machine which bends them 3,000,000 times 80 degrees left to right
    - If the container withstands this test and is able to hold its form with a measureable amount of rigidity the container will pass this test
    - What this means for a consumer is, if the container were to be used 10 times a day, it could be used for 821 years and still maintain its form and rigidity
  • Made in China

24-Piece Set Includes:

  • (2) 19 Ounce Rectangular Containers with Lids
  • (2) 27 Ounce Rectangular Containers with Lids
  • (2) 41 Ounce Rectangular Containers with Lids
  • (2) 57 Ounce Square Containers with Lids
  • (2) 61 Ounce Rectangular Containers with Lids
  • (2) 81 Ounce Rectangular Containers with Lids

Shipping Note: Eligible for shipping to all 50 states

Warranty:  1 Year Lock & Lock


Capacity Shape Dimensions
19 Ounce Rectangle L 4.25" x W 5.5" x H 2.75"
27 Ounce Rectangle L 4.25" x W 5.75" x H 3.75"
41 Ounce Rectangle L 5.75" x W 8.25" x H 2.75"
57 Ounce Square L 9" x W 9" x H 3.25"
61 Ounce Rectangle L 6" x W 8.25" x H 3.75"
81 Ounce Rectangle L 7.5" x W 12.5" x H 2.5"

In the Box:

(1) Lock&Lock HPL859DQ12 24-Piece Storage Set includes:

  • (2) 19 Ounce Rectangular Containers with Lids
  • (2) 27 Ounce Rectangular Containers with Lids
  • (2) 41 Ounce Rectangular Containers with Lids
  • (2) 57 Ounce Square Containers with Lids
  • (2) 61 Ounce Rectangular Containers with Lids
  • (2) 81 Ounce Rectangular Containers with Lids


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