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Some people just enjoy being clean. Some people enjoy the act of cleaning. And some people just like robots.

It had been almost two months since Hank won the Neato XV-12 All Floor Robotic Vacuum off Nestoras. And since then, Hank's apartment had been spotless. Except for the pile of dirty clothes near the bed.

Hank reasoned he needed to have some obstacles in the way to use the Neato XV-12 All Floor Robotic Vacuum to the fullest. The "Room Positioning System" gave a full 360 degree map view of the walls, the doorways, the furniture, and any piles of laundry. Without the obstacles, what was even the point of the guidance system? So Hank was just doing his part.

In fact, it had almost become a game. Hank would come home from work to find the Neato XV-12 All Floor Robotic Vacuum zipping under the couch, and he'd race to move the chairs and tables. When the Neato XV-12 All Floor Robotic Vacuum would come out, the room would be all new. And not once did the little fella hit anything! It would just slide around the new object, suck up any dirt along the way, and speed back to the charging base.

Of course, it didn't give Hank any extra free time, because he was always following the Neato XV-12 All Floor Robotic Vacuum around and trying to trick it, but it was certainly more fun than actually sweeping the room himself. And plus he got to relate the experience to Nestoras and then watch him fume about losing with a full house. So, overall, Hank felt the little thing was a positive force in his life.

Which was good, because he was never going to get four queens again in his life. At least they'd counted for something.

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  • Designed to meticulously clean floors on a daily basis, this all-floor robotic vacuum cleaner covers every inch of your floors, smartly seeing and working around furniture, stairs, and more. A simple user interface allows you to schedule it to clean your rooms while you are away.
  • Neato's laser-based Room Positioning System gives the robot vacuum a full 360-degree view of a room so it can create a map of the room, detecting walls, doorways, furniture and other obstacles.
  • Using its map, the Neato avoids most obstacles that other robots can only detect by impact. Just press the Start button and your Neato determines the best cleaning path to clean the floors using its unique, methodical straight-line pattern.
  • Once it finishes cleaning one entire room, it drives through one of the "recognized doorways," to start cleaning the next room. And, with it's powerful vacuum suction, it picks up all your dirt, debris, and pet hair on your floors.
  • Bonus accessories include:
    - 1 Replacement Squeegee Blade
    - 4 Extra Filters
    - 6 Replacement Brush Blades
  • Smart - The Room Positioning System (RPS) is the proprietary technology that makes Neato as smart as--sometimes smarter--than a human housekeeper.  Go ahead and rearrange the furniture: Neato will adapt its course without missing a beat.
  • Powerful - The high-performance vacuum inside your robot works in a precise back-and-forth motion, picking up even tiny specks, and easily sliding under sofas, tables and beds.
  • Simple - Just charge it up, press the Start button, and watch it work. Once it's finished in one room, it will begin working in the next--or return automatically to its base for recharging and resume cleaning where it left off.
  • Schedule everyday cleaning with a few simple button presses and your house is always ready for guests, even when you've been out all day.
  • It works on all floor types--carpet, rugs, hardwood, Pergo, and tile--so you never have to clean another floor, even in your bathroom.
  • It uses the most powerful vacuum system with efficient air flow and suction to clean up dirt, dust, and pet hair
  • Easy to Use - Just press start and it cleans for you
  • Low maintenance design means you just need to empty the dirt bin between cleanings
  • Neato cleans using a back and forth pattern, ensuring that it thoroughly cleans all of your floors
  • Largest dirt bin in a robotic vacuum—its easy to access and empty
  • Designed as a true vacuum with a beater brush and the strongest suction available in any robotic vacuum cleaner
  • Scuff-free navigation: At the vacuum's core is a centrifugal compression impeller that follows jet engine airflow principles. It creates sustained high-powered suction, allowing the Neato to thoroughly pick up dirt and debris
  • Dimensions: 16" x 16" x 3"

Warranty: 1 Year Neato


Battery Type: Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Volts: 14.4
Milliamps: 3200
Dimensions: 16" x 16" x 3"
Weight: 9 lbs.

In the box:

(1) Neato XV-12 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner includes:

  • Charging Base
  • Power Adapter
  • Batteries
  • Quick Stark Guide
  • User's Guide

(1) Accessory Kit includes:

  • (1) Replacement Squeegee Blade
  • (4) Replacement Filters
  • (6) Replacement Brush Blades

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