Platinum Whites Success® Professional Dental Whitening System w/Bonus Spacepaste

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White Bite/White Teeth

Don't just keep your teeth looking good for you. Keep them for the alien hunter who plans to show them off to his friends and family.

So, Mighty Hunter Xzarlikon, from where have you returned!

Why, Mighty Hunter Flagblixtroos! A pleasure to see you! I have returned from a fine hunting preserve known as Sol 3!

Ah, the Terran system in Mutter's Spiral! I know it well! I always hunt there!

I had no idea, Flagblixtroos! Here, look at my trophies. They are the teeth of five adult Terran males.

Why, they are so white! They whitest ever seen! What a fine necklace they will make for your bride, Jennissebelletron!

Oh, she will be so happy! I know I could sell them on the Gartanian Black Market, but winning her love is worth so much more.

Indeed, Xzarlikon, indeed. I'm just thankful that so many Terrans use the  Platinum Whites Success® Whitening System to make their teeth shiny. It's ideal for alien hunters like ourselves.

I concur, Flagblixtroos! It's just too bad my Intergalactic Hunting Licence expired tonight, or I'd offer to take you back with me. There's always next year, though. Those Terrans breed like plargdufans!

Ha ha ha ha! How true! You're all right, Xzarlikon. You're all right.

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Nobody likes a yellow hello. But then again nobody likes the pain, mess, hassle and cost normally associated with whitening your teeth. Now with Platinum Whites Success® you can have the same professional products, processes and results you get from the dentist, with the convenience and affordability of whitening at home.

Success® has been used in dental offices for more than 6 years and is endorsed by some of the world's leading dental and orthodontic professionals. The reason is because Success® was designed to combat the number one complaint of teeth whitening--sensitivity. Our daily habits, such as drinking coffee, tea, and red wine, smoking, etc. contribute to the continued discoloration of our teeth over time. But who wants to whiten regularly if you can't eat or drink for hours or days after your last whitening?

  • The problem is most other products use glycerin-based hydrogen peroxide and an ineffective delivery system, which can lead to tooth dehydration and soft-tissue irritation or burning
  • Success® uses only the highest quality water-based 30% Carbamide Peroxide whitening gel with Potassium Nitrate, a common desensitizing agent used in products like Sensodyne®
  • By putting the gel in a brush-on applicator, this helps you target the teeth you want to whiten and avoid your gums or other dental work
  • Once you mold the thermo-form mouth trays to your unique smile, just "paint" the gel onto your teeth, place the trays in your mouth to protect the gel, and in just 15-30 minutes you're on your way to the dazzling smile you deserve
  • Includes bonus Spacepaste: Toothpaste To Go, this revolutionary dehydrated toothpaste tablet provides the same results as traditional toothpaste and can be used in any setting to instantly freshen your breath with or without a toothbrush
  • Made in the USA


  • (1) Applicator pen with 30% Carbamide Peroxide plus Potassium Nitrate whitening gel, provides 14 upper and lower treatments
  • (3) Thermo-form mouth trays
  • (1) Tray storage case
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • (1) Package of Spacepaste: Toothpaste To Go - 15 chewable toothpaste tablets

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  • (1) Platinum Whites Success® Professional Dental Whitening System w/Bonus Spacepaste

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Platinum Whites Success® Whitening System
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