Never Needs A Referral

Don’t you worry about your husband, Mrs. Smith. He’s in the best hands, er, brushes we could find at such short notice.

What I mean to say is that the surgeon who was scheduled to perform your husband’s surgery this afternoon sort of double booked himself. You understand, right? I mean, it is a lovely day for golfing outside. I think we both agree it’d be a shame for him to miss it, especially considering the outrageous club fee he has to pay just to play there. But don’t worry. The doctor in there with your husband right now is an expert in the field cough cough of carpet cleaning cough.

Hmm? No, it’s just a little cough. Allergies, you see.

Anyway, like I was saying, this doctor’s a Mighty Pro cough X3 cough cough. Normally, he does a lot of in-home procedures concerning, uh, extraction of undesirable elements in his patient’s cough carpets cough cough. I assure you, he’s got all the skills and tools to clean out your husband’s system in only one pass, with no repetitive back and forth motion required. What does that mean? Uh, well, it’s all very technical. Just know he’s using the latest in COUGH triple-row cough cough cough vibrating brush cough technology to scrub and scour all the germs out of your husband he can find, as well as any dirt, grime, grease, or dust mites that, uh, might happen to be making him so sick. His appendix? I’m sure he could clean that, too!

Right. If he wasn’t having that removed. Of course. Oh, and did I mention the Doctor’s even been awarded the highest rating in his class by The Carpet and Rug Institute? Sorry, I meant to cough there, but my throat’s a little dry now.

Ah, see? Here he is now. And he’s even got the results of your husband’s surgery on a sticky note there on his 3.9-gallon recovery tank. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Oh. Oh my. Mrs. Smith, you might want to sit down.

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  • True professional carpet cleaning results. Thanks to the one pass cleaning system, no repetitive back and forth motion is required. The secret is the X3’s Injection, Agitation and Extraction process
  • First, the X3 uses jets to powerfully inject hot cleansing solution into the carpet pile. It penetrates deep down where dirt, grime, grease, germs and dust mites reside
  • Next, the triple-row vibrating brush technology deeply scrubs and scours all sides of the fiber allowing the cleaning solution to release the stains in just one pass for quick, effective cleaning
  • Finally, the commercial-grade vacuum motor sucks up and extracts the filth into the X3’s large-capacity reservoir…allowing you to dump it down the drain
  • More than twice the capacity of many machines, the Mighty Pro X3 has a 3.9-gallon recovery tank. That means less refilling and emptying
  • Unlike any other brand, the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 uses a triple-action vibrating brush with 75% more bristles to thoroughly clean each fiber as it lifts and fluffs the nap leaving a soft, clean, refreshed look to your carpet
  • These are NOT rental machines that have been reconditioned. These are NEW Rug Doctor machines that have been returned by the customer as part of their 30-day money-back program. Each machine is thoroughly inspected and guaranteed to work perfectly. Plus, every refurbished Rug Doctor machine includes a full 5-year warranty, so buy with confidence
  • The X3 is the ONLY consumer cleaning system to earn the HIGHEST RATING by The Carpet and Rug Institute for soil removal, water removal and gentleness on carpet

Shipping Note: Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and APO addresses is not available for this item

Warranty: 5 Year Rug Doctor


Fill Coverage: 147 sq ft
Adjustable Handle Height: 32.5" - 36.5"
Brush Width: 10"
Brush Type: Vibrating
Vacuum Path Width: 10.8"
Solution Pump: Single pump and jets
Pump Pressure: 28 psi
Solution Tank Capacity: 3 gallons
Recovery Tank Capacity: 3.9 gallons
Vacuum Motor: 1.74 hp
Water Lift: 101"
Electrical Requirement: 120V
Dimensions: 26.5"(H) x 11.5"(W) x 22"(D)
(handle folded for storage)
Weight: 39 lbs


In the box:

  • Rug Doctor 95518 Mighty Pro X3 Carpet Cleaner
  • Large Capacity Tank


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