Garden stones aren't just pretty. They're positively transformative.

For a moment, Pamela thought a stranger had gotten into her car. Of course it was Sylvia, but the look on her face? It had been a long time since Pamela had seen her best friend so... happy. She wasn't sure she liked it.

"Thanks for being here, Pammers!" Sylvia leaned in for a hug. "I know I didn't even tell you I was going out of town, but I'm so glad you met me at the airport. I got you this!"

Pamela took the little googly-eyed walnut and set it on the dash.

"Sylvia, are you kidding me? Did you buy this to throw at Leslie or something? Where did you even go?"

Sylvia sighed happily. "Oh, Pammers, it was such a wonderful week. Everything was just so perfect. I went to visit a friend in the country with a beautiful house and this most lovely garden. He was-"

"HE?" Pamela interrupted. "There's a he you haven't told me about?"

"Just a friend from college." Sylvia put her hand on Pamela's arm in a way that meant she was lying. "But his garden! Pammers, it was... it was like it just changed me! Suddenly I felt as though I were a part of nature! You'll never believe it, two days ago I was following a butterfly, hopping across those Smart Stones of his-"

Pamela snorted. Sylvia glared. "They were a Smart Stone 5-Pack, Pamela, stepping stones for in the garden. And as I was saying, they made that garden into something just magical. I never wanted to leave those stones behind. Very pretty, very light, easy to handle-"

"-and I bet you did plenty of that." Pamela replied. "I mean, I've read about the Smart Stone 5-Pack, each one is only about two pounds each, right? Probably the kind of stones you could easily hold in your hands."

Sylvia's smile was a little cooler. "Yes, Pamela. They were very nice stones. They added a touch of class to things in a way I don't always see in our city."

"Oh, I bet. Tell me, was his garden nicely landscaped? I've found sometimes it's a problem when men put all the focus on where to put their stones but forget to trim the foliage."

Sylvia looked out the window. "Do you have a cigarette, Pamela? I left mine behind."

Pamela tossed Sylvia a pack. "I figured you might want one, so I bought you a spare. Keep it. Call it a welcome home gift."

Sylvia lit one and blew smoke. "Always looking out for me, Pammers." she said with her old tone of voice. Then a short pause. "But it is good to see you."

"You too, Sylvia. I don't know what I'd do if you went too far away."

Sylvia nodded. "Guess maybe I'm not cut out for country life."

Pamela turned on the radio. Before long, Sylvia was tapping her cigarette in time.

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  • Smart Stones are lightweight garden stepping stones made from 100% recycled materials in natural dark stone color
  • Smart Stones weather like a natural stone and blends perfectly with the surrounding garden
  • Unlike light-colored concrete stones, Smart Stones won’t detract from your beautiful flower beds
  • Stands up to 10,000 lbs. of uniform load on a stone
  • Each stone weighs only 2 lbs each compared to 35 lbs for a concrete stone

Warranty: 90 Day Greenland Composites



Dimensions: 13.5" x 11" x 1.25"
Weight (each): 2 lbs

100% Post-Consumer Recycled Materials

  • 35% of the product is made from plastic equal to 80 plastic bags
  • 50% of the product is made from sawdust (wood flour)
  • 15% is made from talc and a polymer based additive package that allows wood and bags to bond
  • No hazardous materials or VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) are used in the production of this product

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