A Little Glass Of Memories

Sometimes a fine glass of aerated wine helps you forget. And sometimes, it'll just keep your memories company.

Danielle came down in sweat pants and a familiar t-shirt she hadn't worn since high school. It was tighter but still mostly fit, and something about it was comforting. So much about her life had changed lately. She felt silly, but it felt good being back in her old room.

Danielle's mother was over by the window, fitting the Vinturi Aerator base and tower arm into the set. Danielle knew what that meant. Tonight there was a dinner party.

"Oh, you're finally awake!" Danielle's mother teased. Danielle dropped over the arm of the couch.

"What time is the party?"

"Seven or so. You don't need to come down if you don't want to."

Danielle watched her mother snap the sediment filter into place and aerate a test glass. Her parents had been having dinner parties since… well, Danielle didn't remember a time when they didn't. Her father was charming when he wanted to be, and he'd banter with her mother as they poured the wine together, through the aerator into the glasses of the guests, one by one. Everyone said the parties always had the very best wine, but no one was never clear if it they should credit the aerating tower, or the atmosphere.

Danielle's mother sent a glass beneath the Vinturi Deluxe Wine Aerator. Hidden in the motion, Danielle found the sleeve of that pink gown from her past (the late 90s? Early 2000s? There were so many parties, the memory was such a blur!) and her mother laughing with that lady from her father's office. Danielle had wanted to be in charge the same way, to have her own house, and husband, and dinner party. She wanted to laugh like her glamorous mother and hand out newly aerated wine. There were times when Danielle worried she'd missed her chance to live out that dream.

Danielle picked up the glass without asking. Danielle's mother cocked her head but said nothing, and started pouring a second glass.

"How's Phil?"

Danielle took a drink. "The same. He visits me more than he should."


Danielle made a face. "'And?' There's no 'And?' Mother. He lives downstairs, he does whatever he wants, and if he visits me I kick him out when I'm ready to go to bed. He and I are done."

Danielle's mother nodded. "It's funny, I said that about your father once. Right after college. He said he wanted his freedom. I was furious, said I'd never talk to him again. And then, three years later... there you were!"

Danielle set down the first glass and took the second one, right from under the Vinturi Deluxe Wine Aerator Set. She took a long, slow drink while staring her mother in the eye. Then she set the glass down empty.

"Not Phil." Danielle was very firm. Danielle's mother smiled.

"Suit yourself, Danielle. But I'm not the one wearing Phil's old shirt."

Danielle looked down at her chest. She'd forgotten. The weekend when her parents were away, and Phil came over for the first time, he'd left this shirt behind and she'd taken it as her own. Trust her mother to somehow have stored that away for later.

"I'll set you a place, just in case." Danielle's mother took the two empty glasses to the sink. Danielle went back to her room and closed the door. But she didn't change out of the old shirt right away. She told herself it was just to spite her mother, and to a certain extent, believed it.

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Serve perfectly aerated wine in the time it takes to pour a glass.


Red wine needs to breathe to allow it to open up, release its intended aromas, and of course, make it taste better. Vinturi's patent pending design speeds up this process by instantly aerating with ease and convenience.  It delivers recognizable improvements immediately: better bouquet, enhanced flavors and smoother finish. This deluxe aerator set includes the new Vinturi tower and the sensational Vinturi red wine aerator.  Tower features a stylish no-splash grate which eliminates mess.  Vinturi aerator sits on top of tower allowing for easy operation. The glossy, clear acrylic is elegant and clean. 

This set includes a red wine aerator, 2-piece (base and arm) tower, no-splash grate, sediment filter, and no-drip stand. 

Vinturi Tower

  • Two-piece design is easy to store and clean
  • No splash grate eliminates mess
  • Dishwasher safe for convenience

Essential Red Wine Aerator

  • Sediment filter traps particulates
  • No drip stand
  • Dishwasher safe for convenience

Warranty: 90 Day Vinturi



Aerator 2.25"DIA x 5.5"H
Tower 6.5"W x 7.5"D x 12.75"H


In the box:

(1) Vinturi V1071 Deluxe Aerator Set includes:

  • Vinturi Essential Red Wine Aerator
    - Sediment Filter
    - No-Drip Stand
  • Vinturi Tower
    - Arm and Base
    - No-Splash Grate



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