Jeff Foxworthy Kountry Krystal Redneck Glassware 2-pk

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It might take a special sort of person to laugh at these Kountry Krystal Glasses. But if you're that person, you're already in the right place!

"Now, don't open it right away," Rod said as he handed Pamela the package. "Because I've got a little speech before we start. I probably should have written it down, I guess, but since it's from the heart, I figure I can just, you know, say it."

Pamela sat down with the box in her lap.

"Ahem. Pamela, when I met you all those years ago, I knew in my heart that you were someone special."

"Is that why you hit on Sylvia?" Pamela asked flatly. Rod looked at the floor.

"Yeah, well, in retrospect, maybe you would have been the better choice. Anyway, Pamela, in the last few weeks, I've really started to feel that you're helping to fill a void in my life. I've become close to you in a way I never expected and- hey, don't open that yet, I'm not finished!"

Pamela had already taken off the first layer of paper. "Oh, thank the Lord. It's just a two pack of Kountry Krystal Glassware."

"Just a…? Pam, this is a very sentimental gift I've gotten for you! Don't you remember how the first time you came over for a cooking lesson, you told me my mason jar glasses had to go? But these right here, they're like goblets or wine glasses or something… only made from jars! Can you imagine how great it's going to be when you sit on the balcony and drink cocktails in these? Talk about a party! Jeff Foxworthy himself couldn't do better."

"I actually heard he's involved with these glasses anyway."

"Pamela, that's not at all the point. The point is, I was doing this to say thank you for all the help you've given me, and you didn't even let me finish my speech! I wanted to tell you how great you were, and you just ruined it! My big moment! For you!"

"Rod, I'm sorry, I really am, it's just… the way you sounded... I just wanted to be sure there wasn't a ring in here."

"A rin- oh, I see. Yeah, no. Don't worry. That just won't EVER happen."

Pamela put down the box. "I feel like I should be offended, Rod, but you know what? I can only agree."

"Yeah, everything about that would be a bad idea."

"Terrible. It would never work."

"Not at all."

"Sylvia would kill us both."

"Don't I know it."

"Nothing personal, though."

"No, no, I understand."

Then there was a pause. Rod was the first to break it.

"I should, um, head out, I guess."

Pamela nodded. "But thank you for the Kountry Krystal Glassware. Sorry I ruined your speech."

"No, no, you had a good reason. Sorry about… I mean… we still on for cooking lessons later in the week?"

Once Rod was gone, Pamela washed the glasses and left them to dry. In the sunlight, they really did have an unexpected charm.

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  • Jeff Foxworthy inspired Kountry Krystal Mason Jar glassware brings a whimsical theme to your table setting, backyard BBQ, pig roast, tailgating event, shotgun wedding, or any other fancy shindig
  • Great for kicking back on the porch and sippin' your favorite beverage in style
  • Perfect for impressing your redneck friends and neighbors
  • Classic Ball Mason Jar on a glassware stem
  • Measuring lines on sides of jar - originally for canning, now for pouring
  • Screw-on metal ring cap 
  • Hand wash only
  • Made in the USA

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty


Wine Glass
Holds 16 oz.
Height 9"


Margarita Glass
Holds 16 oz.
Height 7.5"

In the Box:

  • (1) Kountry Krystal Glassware 2-Piece Set (choose from wine or margarita)

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