An Enlightened Sale

Just look at that house over there. See the light pouring through the windows? People may be the life's blood of a home, but I think light is a lot like its soul. It can be harsh or gentle, warm or cold, just like a person, you know? Well, anyway, I guess we should pack it up. We won't be robbing that place tonight.

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About the term "Cold Lampin'"

While no one may ever know exactly when the words were first used, many fans of rap music were originally introduced to the term by the song "Cold Lampin' with Flavor" off the 1988 Public Enemy album "It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back." As Flavor Flav recounts the various ways in which he is a superior rapper than most, if not all, others, it is revealed that "cold lampin'" refers to his relaxed, chill state of being.