Artistic Weavers Shag Rugs and Poufs

You're looking out over your living room, and you think to yourself "yeah, it's pimpin', but not quite pimpin' enough." Well, Woot is nothing if not pimpin' so here we come with shag carpets and the pimpin'est poufs this side of the pouf pimp capital of the world (it's in Djibouti somewhere). So pimp your pad with plenty of shag and poufs.

Ends on January 15 at 9AM CT

About Shag Rugs and Poufs

As far as home decor goes, there aren't many products with more fun names than shag rugs and poufs. They may not really have much to do with each other, and probably don't really belong in the same room, but they are both pretty damned fun to say. And sit on.