Ballin' Boot Trays

Ice cubes. Cafeteria food. Keyboards. For decades, all kinds of cool stuff has gotten trays. But boots, loyal, comfy boots had to live a trayless life. Or unlife, as what is life without a tray, really? But no more! Finally, justice has come to Bootland, and your buttkickers have a place to rest their weary toes and heels.

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About Boot Trays

Forged by the mysterious Boot Sages of the far off Boot Isles, boot trays are to boots what holsters are to six shooters, except you don't wear them on your hips (unless you're really flexible)and they're really hard to quick draw from. But other than that, and the dozens of other differences, they're a lot like holsters. Cowboys probably would have used them if the Boot Sages had traveled to the Old West, but alas, sometimes fake history is a cruel mistress, and the cowboys had to go boot trayless.