Baxton Studio Items For Your Kitchen

You can put pretty much anything in the kitchen. Carts. Wine cabinets. Fish tanks. Think about it. A big fish tank filled with fresh tuna. Granted, it would have to be a really BIG fish tank. But you don't have to have a whole school of them. You could just have one. And you could name him Steve. Tuna Steve. That has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Ends on May 9 at 9AM CT

About Studio Apartment Kitchens

If you're in a really small apartment, sometimes there's no room for the typical kitchen accoutrement, like a kitchen island or a dishwasher, for example. So sometimes you buy portable ones.  And then when you move out and into a bigger apartment, you sell those things on eBay, and weirdo nudists show up to buy them and talk to you for an hour about their nudist lifestyle. So don't be surprised when that happens. It's totally normal.
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