Big Bath Sheet and Towel Event

Drying your body is the worst. You can do it by running around in circles, but who has the time? We've all tried taking a hair dryer to our naked bodies, but with energy prices these days? Forget about it! But with a towel, drying your body can be fast AND easy. How have you not heard about towels until now? What's wrong with you? Please get out of my home.

Ends on May 13 at 9AM CT

About The Big Bath Sheet and Towel Event

The Big Bath Sheet and Towel Event was originally known as the Big Bad Sheep and Fowl Event, first held in 1911 in the German town of Noerten-Hardenberg. Each year, farmers from the surrounding area would bring their defective animals to sell to local Tierbestandsnaeppchenjaeger (livestock bargain hunters) who didn't have any qualms about purchasing a duck with a missing wing or even a blind cow. This is actually the origin of German phrase "a defective bird in the hand is worth much more than I paid for it, can you believe these prices, Hans?" The onset of The Great War in 1914 brought an end to the Big Bad Sheep and Fowl Event which remained forgotten until 2013, when someone misread an old newspaper clipping about it and began the Big Bath Sheet and Towel event.