Christmas Wrap Up

Christmas is almost here, but better yet, its almost over! Below, you'll find not only stuff to prep for that most time consuming of all holidays, but also things that can be used to gather and store the tattered devastation left in its wake.

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About Wrapping Paper

It conceals gifts, buying you a few precious extra seconds of respect and affection fromy our spoiled brat kid, until he tears it asunder and realizes that you got him the wrong "Complete Naruto" DVD box set, because he wanted the $350.00 limited edition version that came with a special hat, not the crappy, third-rate $200.00 version that you got, exactly identical (minus hat) though it may be. He's going to scream and tantrum about this until at least New Year's, and don't expect the resentment to stop until June at the earliest. Really, though, it's your fault. You should have known. Or more to the point, you should have raised a less awful child. Shame on you.