Classy Furnishings: Study Up

The Study. The room of the classy. The dignified. The elegantly pimpin'. Everyone's got a living room, bedroom, bathroom, and a kitchen, but only the truly suave and sophisticated bother with the study. You're truly suave and sophisticated, aren't you? I can tell by the smoking jacket and the cigar. Better stock up on study stuff just in case, though.

Ends on December 31 at 9AM CT

About Southern Enterprises

Look, these awesome chairs don't import themselves. Neither do the candelabras or the sculptures. Nothing cool comes from whatever crappy place you live in, and we both know it. But Southern Enterprises? They know where to get the cool stuff, and they don't even mind shipping it to you. They won't personally deliver it, of course, but that's only because you live in such a crappy place that no sane person would ever voluntarily visit, you sick hillbilly freak.