Coffee or Tea (and Mugs)

I'm gonna break the rules here, and the fourth wall, and just be honest with you. I'm a Woot writer, at the end of the week, writing this on a Friday after being up too late the last few nights. I'm beyond tired. All I want is sleep, but I'd settle for death. But in twenty minutes, I'll be fine. Know why? Caffeine. It's the closest thing we have to proof of a loving God.

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About Coffee, Tea, and Mugs

You're going to need them. The modern world isn't going to let you sleep when/if/as much as you need to, and trying to fight that is a fool's errand. The solution, is drugs; in this case, caffeine. Legal, delicious, quasi-harmless... it will let you pretend the Universe isn't on some twisted mission to deprive you of your much deserved rest until you finally snap in a fit of self-referential insomnia and start babbling ceaselessly about how tired you are.