Comfy Chairs from Abbyson Living

It's time to let it go. We know how excited you were about your "Uncomfy Chair." The sharp edges, uneven finish, and flammable design were all aesthetically pleasing. And you should be proud of that. But that's not what chairs are all about. Chairs should be comfy. Let it go. Just let it go.
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About Abbyson Living

Abby was eating lunch at a Parisain Bistro one day when he came up with the idea for Abbyson Living. "My name is Abby, I've got a whole mess of sons, and I'm living!" he exclaimed to no one in particular, greatly startling his fellow diners. Knocking over his table, Abby ran from the Bistro without settling his bill (which is why to this day no one in the Abbyson family is welcome on The Left Bank). He got on the first flight back to America, pulled his fourteen sons out of their Connecticut boarding schools, and a furniture empire was born. Today, the vision of Abby is carried on by these Abbysons, all of whom have taken a vow of celibacy in order to better focus on furniture.
Abbyson Living official site