Corelle Dinnerware

What's the brand of plates that's good for dates but also for snacks on the patio late? Corelle! Darn right. What's the brand that's microwave safe, but also stylin' up the place? Corelle! Right on. You know they say these Corelle plates are some attractive mo'f- SHUT THAT MOUTH! But I was talkin' about Corelle plates!
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About Corelle

Dinnerware can't just be about style. Just look at the dinosaurs. They were very stylish, but where are they now? That's right, they're gone. Because they weren't built to last. Rest assured, Corelle's Vitrelle® dishware is as durable as it is pretty. You won't be seeing these plates going extinct any time soon. Your move, Marc Bolan.
Corelle official site