Daylight Savings Time

It's almost not worth it, since that Mayan baktun thing is gonna wipe us all out. Oh, you think that's just Mayan Daylight Savings Time, when they reset their clock? Well… it's probably true. Here's an idea then: buy this stuff and save up for 2013. Maybe we'll find something new to be scared of by then.

Ends on November 6 at 9AM CT

About The End Of Time

See, time is like a river … it doesn't ACTUALLY end. Some of it comes from underground, some of it flows to the ocean, but it's a big cycle doing laps. What DOES end are the ways we use to record the passage of time! See? Just like we have to change our clocks and turn the pages of our calendars, so too did the Mayans. So don't panic. But if you must… please feel free to give us your money? We promise we'll raise it as our own.