Drop It Like It's Pots (And Pans)

Just remember … no job, no money. So don’t expect a fancy drum kit. These pots and pans could work. But realistically, you're most likely going to end up on a street corner somewhere, hungry, unshaven, and babbling nonsense while banging away on a 5-gallon paint bucket instead. Just something to think about.

Ends on October 4 at 9AM CT

About Pots and Pans

Pots and pans are very versatile. You could use them to beat up intruders, throw them at your husband when you're mad, entertain your baby with them or display them on a fancy hanging rack. You could also plant some herbs in them or hide your drugs under their lids because who's going to look there? I suppose if you're not the creative type, you could always just cook with them instead.