Fatboy Water Repellent Buggle-Up Chair

Buggle-Up is basically a fancy word for outdoor bean bag chair. I'll let that sink it for a second. OUTDOOR BEAN BAG CHAIR. It's been a dream for many, and now it's finally arrived. Bean bags in the yard, and they're waterproof. Now if only they'd invent an outdoor lava lamp, I'd be set.
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Ends on March 15 at 9AM CT

About Fatboy

Sometimes there's no better way to spend an afternoon than sitting in a park, watching the birds and squirrels play, maybe reading a book. But then you get up and realize the bottom of your pants is soaked with water from the morning dew, making for an embarrassing predicament and ruining the rest of your day. Fatboy understands that, and they established an entire company to solve that problem.
Fatboy official site