Feed the Birds

Birds are like people: always coming around and demanding things. What's a human being to do? Well, with people, you can trespass 'em. With birds, you've got to feed them. Use one of these feeders and maybe you'll get a bird army. Then you can send them to peck all the people saying "Boo hoo hoo, Woot didn't use trespass right."

Ends on December 21 at 9AM CT

About Feeding Birds

Yes, we all know that Mary Poppins song, but the truth is, feeding the birds doesn't just cost a tuppence. First of all, there's the exchange rate, which turns two pennies into at least five, then there's the cost of the bench, and the depreciation of the park itself (couldn't it be better serving the community with a warehouse that creates jobs?) and don't forget the person doing the feeding, and the manpower cost to his employer. Feeding the birds costs roughly 2.6 million per person per day. Trust us. Get a feeder.