Fine Art At Its Finest

Let's face it, you're not a classy guy. I can smell your fridge from here. You wear a wife beater, but only one. Why buy another if you can just keep the same one on? You'd even shower in it if you ever showered. You're not classy. But you can pretend to be by putting up a couple of these awesome paintings.

Ends on December 7 at 9AM CT

About iCanvasArt

Well, for starters, they've got great taste. Just look up above; you've got Marilyn, Hepburn, Van Gogh, Sinatra, and the Duke. Plus, they sell their goods on Woot, classiest of all sarcastic internet site (except, those guys are stupid elegant). They've got paintings, pictures, and all kinds of other classy people stuff, and they're perfectly willing to let you have it for, you know, reasonable amounts of money. Give them some credit for that...then give them your money.