Garlic, Oil, and Plates

Let's cut through all the bullcrap cooking show propaganda: the only things you *really* need to make most food awesome are olive oil and garlic. And a lot of what you'll find below is both. So don't get suckered in buying arugula and thyme and all that weird paleo-diet crap. Buy some meat. Buy some vegetable. Douse it. Eat.

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About Garlic, Oil, and Plates

Well, garlic grows out of the ground and makes things taste better. Oil can refer to lots of things, including the stuff that made Dick Cheney rich and the other stuff that makes certain kinds of models look shiny, but in this case it's a cooking tool that is also made from stuff that grows out of the ground, and is also delicious. Plates are ... those things that the guy at the circus on the unicycle spins at the tops of sticks.