Kitchen Accessories

We can't take it anymore. We saw some kitchen accessories, we picked up a few of them, and then we couldn't stop. Now our warehouse is overflowing with kitchen accessories, and we don't have anywhere left to put them. As much as we love them, we really don't need a food prep station on each of our desks. Please help us! Please buy this stuff from us!

Ends on April 19 at 9AM CT

About Kitchen Stuff

Soup Mugs, Storage Sets, Microwaves, Cocktail Shakers, Knives, Corkscrews, Steamers, Wine Chillers, Recipe Tools, Wine Preservers, Wine Openers, Plates, Bowls, Prep Stations, Cereal Savers, Shakers, Bake Sets, Ice Buckets, and Drawer Organizers. Things like that.