Look Your Best

We live in a horrible image obsessed culture, and I'm sorry for that. But I'm not going to do anything to change it and neither are you, so better play to win. Hollywood tells us that no matter how pretty we are, we could always be a bit prettier. So, get pretty, get dressed, and get ahead. Even if you feel sick on the inside, at least you'll be stunning on the outside.

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About Self Beautification

You could stand some, to be honest. Look, I'm not saying you're ugly or anything but let's not pretend you ate anything but greasy junk or drank anything but sugary poison for the duration of the Holiday Season. Your pores are a mess, you're a size bigger than you were a week ago, and you've bravely (if unwisely) decided to downgrade showering from "daily routine" to "fun change of pace." So stock up, and hide all your self-inflicted flaws the best you can until that Resolution kicks in and tidies you up.