Mr. Beams: Light 'Em Up

In the dark no one can hear you- oh, wait, the lights came on. Well, that sort of ruins the ominous horror movie villain thing I was doing, but danged if it wasn't convenient. No longer will my finger suffer under the tyranny of light switching, no longer will I have to walk across entire rooms to change the illumination!
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Ends on January 14 at 9AM CT

About Mr. Beams

In the old lighthouse out by shadowghost point, there lives a man. An honest man, unafraid of the spirits that haunt that bleak and foggy moor. This man has grown tired of the nonsense that comes along with the darkness, from ghosts to toe-stubbing to that band that believes in a thing called love, and he will tolerate no more of it. So he's used his lighthouse skills to share his light with the rest of the world, forever beating back the Darkness, until and unless it comes up with a better single.
Mr. Beams official site