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Fire. Universally associated with destruction, devastation, and the end of all things. Wouldn't it be cool if you had it in portable form? You could be in constant fear for you life and limb, and you wouldn't even be limited to your house/places that are actively burning down! Hooraysies!
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As you may have noticed by reading any of the above, Outdoor Rooms and I have a slight ideological disagreement. They think fire is a useful tool, an emblem of man's triumph over the primal forces of nature, and one of the hallmarks of modern society. I see it as more of a vengeful god of burning and pain, forever famished and all-consuming, seeking only to incinerate us for our insolence in daring to try and cage its might. Now, reasonable men can differ, so Outdoor Rooms has put fire into portable, "controllable" form, and I'm typing this from an igloo while showering in flame-retardant chemicals.
Outdoor Rooms official site