Reston Lloyd Color Kitchen

Great cooking is all about variety; you can't season everything with salt, and having chicken for every single meal is dull. Versatility and verisimilitude are key, and that extends beyond the literal ingredients. Stimulate your creativity in the same way all great toddler fingerpainters do: by having lots of colors.
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About Reston Lloyd

Raised in the home of an obsessive Bette Davis fan, Reston Lloyd lived for eighteen years in a world without color. Grey wells, muted lights, all clothing in black, white, or grey. Only old movies, no cable. Upon turning eighteen and being released into a vibrant world of color and hues, he swore no boy would ever make his creepy mother lunch in a monochrome kitchen ever again. And the rest, as they say, is history. Or his story. Either one, really.
Reston Lloyd official site