Robotic Floor Care

Actively vacuuming? Moving around, doing stuff? That ... doesn't seem nearly as lazy as everything else I do. If only there was some kind of vacuum robot, automated and efficient, that I could buy without getting off my couch, and use without getting my couch. No idea where I could find something like that, though, certainly not directly below this paragraph ...

Ends on December 31 at 9AM CT

About Robot Vaccums

I know what you're expecting. You're expecting me to make tired old Skynet jokes, about how this is the first step in the robots taking over, the Matrix is coming, they're unfeeling soulless monsters that will destroy us all, blah blah blah. Well I'm not going to do that; it's been done to death. And besides, how do we know they can't read? I don't want something pejorative like that "soulless monsters" comment on record.