Rub It, See If A Genie Comes Out

BRIGHTEN up your Holidays! LIGHT up the night! SHINE on, you crazy diamond! BEAM me up, Scotty! Keep an eye out for the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel! Better get up BRIGHT and early! Sorry, I know, I know, but I can't help it; I'm going SuPUNova! AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Heh. *ahem* Anyways, buy some lamps.

Ends on December 27 at 9AM CT

About Lamps

They're the light of my life. Not in like a creepy, inter-species (are lamps even a species?) romance way. In a literal way. I'm a complete shut in, and the only source of light in my life besides the unnerving glow of my laptop screen as a I peruse super-reliable government conspiracy sites comes from lamps. I'd use regular light fixtures, but they're puppets of the Illuminati.