Scenterrific: Sniff It

Holidays mean children, and children mean abominable odors so foul they might wake the Old Ones from their endless slumber. Cthulu is traditionally a massive buzzkill, so it’s best to avoid that. Luckily, Woot has your back; mask the odors of the subhuman poop machines you’ve spawned and enjoy a Lovecraft-free Holiday Season.
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Ends on November 30 at 9AM CT

About Scenteriffic

Scenteriffic is all about two things, and I can get behind both of them. First, they’ve set out on a mission to make the world smell less like moldy buttcrack, and that’s good news for everybody except a handful of sickos. Second, they’re all about puns, and puns are, like, 80% of my job. So they’re ok in my book. And also in my nose. I pick them for my nose.
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