Shun Ken Onion Knives

Knives are like water: if you can't find some when you're in need, your day is pretty much ruined and you're left helpless and pleading in the harsh wasteland that is… oh, but we were talking about knives, weren't we? Yeah, you should get some of these. Just. In. Case.
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Ends on September 20 at 9AM CT

About Ken Onion

Do you know a better knife designer than Ken Onion? We sure don't, so we're gonna have no choice but to believe Ken's bio, which tells us he's the Number One most successful knife designer in the history of the Universe! You hear that, Alpha Sigma of Arcturus XIV? Take that weak garbage you call a knife back to the fire pits of Omega XXIV. Ken Onion's bringin' the pain.
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