Shun Left-Handed Classic Knives

OK, so you never did become a master chef. But you totally could have if you had wanted to. That's not the point. The point is, thanks to these left-handed knives, your mirepoix is as close to godliness as it gets. Just look at the perfect symmetry and consistent dice of those carrots, celery and onions. I said LOOK AT THEM, haters!
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About Shun Knives

In Japanese, the word "Shun" means "the precise moment when any particular food is at the peak of its perfection." It's when fruits are their sweetest and vegetables their ripest. So you might as well just give it up, banana that's been turning brown on my window sill for over a week now. You will never be good enough for these knives. You have brought great dishonor on my grandmother's banana pudding recipe.
Shun official site