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Batman. James Bond. MacGyver. They'd all tell you the same thing: you need the right tool for the job, whether that's a Batarang, a laser watch, or a Q-tip/rubberband/dish cleaner slingshot explosive. Now, granted, we're not selling any of those things, but we do have tools that we humbly suggest might be useful more often.
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About Stanley

As a child, little Stanley was always fixing things. At age three, he put on his father's toolbelt and started tramping about the house on a mission of repair, and he didn't take it off until they bought him his own less hilariously oversized belt. As he aged, he could be constantly seen trying to repair everything with his toolkit, including on one awkward occasion trying to mend a broken heart. But with age came maturity, and also bills, so Stanley applied his expertise on a more macro scale, and now spends his days sending tools out into the world that others may put right what once went wrong. Particularly if what went wrong was a pipe or a doorknob or something.
Stanley official site