Stress Relief

Studies say that people who are stressed are 85% more likely to have no time to read about studies. Wanna fact check that? No? Well, then, you probably need something to de-stress you.

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About Inner Balance Wellness

Inner Balance: for when you need to walk the inner tightrope without falling and leaving your inner Dick Grayson an inner orphan to be taken in by inner Batman and fight inner crime before eventually growing tired of the inner restrictive lifestyle of the inner Batcave and coming into his own as inner Nightwing, leader of the inner Teen Titans, until their inevitable inner breakup, at which point he's left to patrol your inner Bludhaven, fight off your inner Deathstroke, and ultimately find inner inner satisfaction until your inner Darkseid kills your inner Batman, forcing your inner Dick to rise to the occasion and become the new inner Batman until an inner continuity reboot reverts him to inner Nightwing!