The Power Of Light: Mr. Beams

The dark is scary, and full of monsters. Or alleged monsters, as we live in a society that's all "oh, no, you can't stereotype the beasts in the dark without proof. Innocent till proven guilty, woooo." But we know the truth. If you go long enough without light, something will eat you. Don't get eaten.
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About Mr. Beams

A being of pure light from a far off solar system, Mr. Beams came to our world to bring us illumination. After his interstellar battles with the Voidking of Opacity and the Ringer of the Eternity Bell, he rode to our tiny blue planet on the purest rays of the purest light of heroism. Settling here, he set out to shine his light upon us, and to protect us from the nameless horrors that inhabit the dark. Since even he couldn't be everywhere at once, he divided his essence amongst many handy household devices, sacrificing himself that he might save us. Do not let his sacrifice be in vain; light up the night!
Mr. Beams official site