The Vacuum Diaries

In space, no one can hear you scream. Space is a vacuum. In a vacuum, no one can smell your filthy mess. So clean your space (not a vacuum) with a Dyson (a vacuum) because you probably don't have the budget to simply eject your filth into outer space (a vacuum). Then settle down, and maybe watch some Jersey Shore (vacuous).
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About Dyson

A long time ago, in a world not very far away at all (because it's this world), Jeb Dyson looked at his floor, and liked not what he saw. Dog hair. Cat hair. Feathers, despite the fact that he did not own a bird. Dirt, dust, mud, and grime. It was downright unsanitary, and his broom had proven pretty useless against the mess, not least because it was on his carpet. In the other room, he heard his roommate using the power of suction to plunge a clogged toilet, and inspiration struck...
Dyson official site