Toolin' Around

Hypothetical: your annoying kid needs a treehouse. You can dig out your old man's toolbox and listen to the little snot-nosed punk nag and whine at you for three weeks, or you can buy a coupla power tools, knock out the job in a weekend, then lock the little nuisance up there whenever he gets uppity. Easy choice, if you ask me.

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About Tools

They make you better at stuff! Sure, you could fumble around with a hammer and bludgeon yourself silly ... or you could use a nail gun, finish whatever you're doing in seven minutes, and then star in a gory Tarantino sequence by lunchtime. You could muddle about with a screwdriver, or use a power drill and still have time so ruin some zombie's day. Am I saying that buying these tools will make you into an action hero? No. Am I strongly implying it? Absolutely.