Wadda You Mugs Up To In Here?

What's the best gift ever? A box full of cash. We'll say it, sure. But you can't always give a box full of cash, and that's why there are mugs. Mugs can hold pens at work, coffee at home, and even twenty-sided die in a pinch. A perfect "I don't know you to well" gift, and yet, a perfect "I know you too well" gift as well. Such is the mystery of the mug.

Ends on November 8 at 9AM CT

About Things That Hold Drinks

Big glasses are good for cold drinks. Small glasses are good for classy drinks. Goblets are good for boisterous nights and flagons for when you want to look cool. But a cold morning watching old cartoons and reading Reddit? That's when you need a piping hot mug. Also works for soup!