Wall to Wall (from Safavieh)

Nothing quite says "unimaginative and boring" like an apartment full of blank, empty walls. Now, if that's the image you want to cultivate, don't let us stop you. But if you ever intend to meet a nice lady, you may want to spruce up the joint. Yeah, we know we sound like your mother, but she might actually have a point this time.
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About Safavieh

Safavieh. No one knows what the word means, but some beautifully decorated caves in the Sahara feature paintings that offer one possible origin story. A masterful work by a forgotten Italian fingerpaint savant which hangs in the Louvre offers another. Still a third can be seen on the inside of the Martian Temple (take our word for it). The point is, whatever Safavieh is or was, it is or was all about making walls look cooler.
Safavieh official site