Westinghouse Outdoor Landscape Lights

Dancing in the moonlight always sounds like a lovely idea, but then you hit a stray brick or twig and go crashing to the ground, resulting in a sprained ankle, broken bones, and a heavy dose of humiliation. With some proper lighting, though, you can fix this by turning your yard into a dance floor and waltzing into the late hours of the night.

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About Westinghouse

Westinghouse dates back a lonnnnng way. So long, in fact, I assumed Westinghouse was named after some sort of old-timey type of structure that was part of old-timey homes. Along the lines of the storehouse and the outhouse, there would also be the westinghouse, a place facing west that people would go to face west. Of course that doesn't make sense, which is probably why the company's actually just named after some guy.