"Wooden Things" For Under $150, Alex.

Don't feel sorry for all the trees that were struck down in the prime of their lives so you could enjoy these beautiful home décor items. Have you ever read The Giving Tree? Don't. It's incredibly depressing and it'll only exasperate your feelings of guilt. But the point is, the tree WANTED it this way. Scout's honor.

Ends on August 16 at 9AM CT

About Wood

If you put your head real close to this gorgeous acacia tableware, you can actually hear it screaming. Don't let that put you off your delicious smoked salmon appetizer, though. Everything in this world has a purpose. Those trees died so you could dine in style. It was their destiny. What did you think they were going to do? Go to school, meet a nice girl and raise a family? This is just how it is.