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What is Home & Kitchen?

A discussion of ashes, gluten, and embezzlement.

In the business sense, to bring brand-name decor, linens, appliances, cookware, and more into your home at the lowest prices on the web, with a side order of that inimitable Woot flavor. In the existential sense, we have no idea what the point of anything is. Consult your local philosopher.

Frequently Asked Questions


What do you mean, "Woot flavor"?
We mean that Home.Woot is the domestic outpost of the Woot empire. It all started with Woot, a brash e-tailing upstart, in 2004. Since then, it's expanded to sites specializing in various product areas, like this one. You can get the whole story - including our policies about orders, returns, shipping, etc. - at the main Woot FAQ. But the best way to understand Woot is to hang around for a little while. In no time, you'll notice the many ways Woot starts awesomening your life.
"Awesomening"? Did you guys seriously just say that?
Home.Woot believes that language is a living, constantly evolving phenomenon that should adapt to changing needs and perspectives. Innovations in verbal communication have always made language more expressimungus.
Are there any risks associated with shopping at Home.Woot?
Only one: your house may soon fill up with so many brand-name bargains from Home.Woot that people will start to talk. You know, "I wonder how they afford such nice things on a lowly patrolman's salary", that kind of thing. So if you're involved in any embezzlement or bribery, you may want to limit your Home.Woot purchases lest you call unwanted attention to yourself.
"Brand-name", you say? I thought Woot was that site that sold crap.
Brand-name, yes. And we mean real, credible, top-shelf brands that you've actually heard of and bought before. Not those Chinese knockoff brands where they switch one or two letters of some big-name brand, like Soniy or Mottarola.
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