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Versonel Stainless LCD Kegerator

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Versonel Stainless LCD Kegerator
Price: $389.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jan 15 to Tuesday, Jan 16) + transit
Condition: New

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Does it come with CO2 tank-there’s no mention


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jaimz2 wrote:Does it come with CO2 tank-there’s no mention

The description seems to say it's included


Includes all parts and accessories needed to install standard barrel kegs and 2 removable wire racks to convert to a standard bar fridge.
CO2 tank must be filled and proprietary kegs may need custom taps installed.

Standard Keg coupler
Rubber choke
CO2 regulator
Beer tower tap
Beer hose assembly: includes a standard 8ft hose, fittings are included if longer hose is required
Beer tower washer
High pressure washer
Air hose
Drip pan top
Keg Protective base board (internal)
Beer Tower hole cover
CO2 tank - 2.5 lbs.
Guard rail
Beer tap wrench

However it's an empty tank and will need to be filled

Note: Beer and Gas not included.