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Sistema To Go: Always Packin (Lunch)

With a little planning, and some easy-to-pack containers, you'll be saving hundreds of dollars a month on lunches! Yes, that's right, we said hundreds. Because we know. We know how many times a week you've been getting caviar delivery. Go on, it's all right to cry. The lies are over now.
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Tell us about some of your favorite packed lunches!

No really, I'm not kidding. I get hungry at work and eating out is almost never a good option... (it adds up!)

I'm just hanging out, really.


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I have the cube, and it is a really great size - perfect for a sandwich or salad on one side (and I haven't had a problem with dressing getting everywhere, either) and one or two snacks on the other. Good for portion control, and it doesn't take up too much space in the breakroom fridge, which is a bonus when you have to fight for space tooth and nail some days.


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Their food storage items are really good quality.

I first tried out their "Breakfast to Go" container. I thought, "A single container that allows you to bring milk, cereal, and a collapsible spoon? Beats stuffing the milk in a separate container or a ziplock bag." I gave it try and it's been great. I bring it on my morning commute everyday. It's incredibly handy. The design is well thought out. Although for some, it can be a bit on the small side.

After that, I bought the "Salad To Go" container and it's a perfect way to transport salad. You definitely have enough room to make yourself a hearty salad. (Think a Cobb Salad and you'll know what I mean.) The best part are the separate compartments. You can keep the wet stuff, like tomatoes, away from the lettuce to keep them from getting soggy before lunch. The separate sealed cup for the dressing is genius.

Good prices on these items too. Each one of them I paid around $8 + tax.


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I got their Shaker to Go and it ROCKS!!! The device thingy that breaks up the powder is attached to the top so you don't have to fish it out after shaking (and it snaps out for cleaning). It also has notches at the bottom so the nothing sticks down there.


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Would anyone actually trust the Breakfast to Go with adding milk and then trying to transport? Breakfast is the hardest meal of the day to do and something like this (if it works) would be very useful for cereal.