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There are roughly 200k-400k US military personnel located in overseas locations not including their families that accompany them. At most of these locations, there are US post offices located on base. For the same (or less) cost of shipping you could help support military folks living overseas using USPS instead of just supporting FedEx. Why is Woot so unwilling to ship to APO addresses or to use USPS. You would be helping a lot of folks including the USPS system.

The way you guys write your product descriptions is funny, entertaining, and often times patriotic especially in July. If you really feel like this, show it, otherwise it's clearly a very clever way to increase profit. Either way, thanks Woot.


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Oh boy. Seriously we want to. We really really do. The issue is labeling (there’s weird requirements and stuff) and the shipping partners our dropshippers support. But keep bringing it top of mind, I think it’s time to take another crack at seeing if we can at least get some of our catalog to APOs. We are a little team and do most of our own stuff independently of Amazon but maybe we can try and leverage some of their tech to make this happen for ya. Thanks for your service!

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