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I think this button/coupon first appeared last night and I see it's still here but doesn't work.

The graphic below appeared last night (Sunday night after the 10 PM west coast refresh) on the front page in the "New Today" scroll. It was gone in the morning (Monday morning).


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I'm confused. Are Top 20 shirts normally $19 or $15?

Last night, Top 20 shirts were still the regular $19.

This morning, Top 20 shirts are now $15.

The $12 coupon two nights ago must have been a temporary mistake?


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Hi there. not sure at this point. I sent an email to the shirt team. Someone should be in the office soon.

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Hello, folks!

Sorry for any confusion here. The Top 20 shirts are normally $19 but we are currently offering them at the feature price of $15.

I am not sure where the $12 price came from...I might need to put my glasses back on.