< 100: Sub-Centurion Sale

You know why everything on crappy infomercials is priced "$99.99"? Because nobody wants to spend a hundred bucks on just one thing. I, for instance, like to spread a given hundred bucks between food, drink, and instruments of mayhem. I'm not shelling out a whole bill on one dinner/beverage/ill-advised prank. And neither should you.

Ends on January 4 at 9AM CT

About Things That Cost Less Than $100

In addition to the items above, all of the following things cost less than $100: a haircut, a new shirt, cologne, roses, a nice dinner, two tickets to a romantic comedy, more dinners, more movies, more roses, renting a U-Haul, a case of Febreeze, a Netflix account, delivery food, complacency, an obnoxiously oversized thing of roses, tears, a "take me back" mixtape, a case of Kleenex, a new phone number after she blocked my old one, and what little was left of my dignity and self-esteem.